Appy Monday – Mortal kombat X

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


As we come to the release of Mortal Kombat X, Next-Gen gamers are all in. Warner Bros. announced the anticipated game being released on a mobile platform first and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to have a go of it myself.

Although the game is so far released on iOS alone, it is also set to reach all you Android users out there some time in May. In this edition of Appy Monday we review Mortal Kombat, all the pros and cons of the highly anticipated game:


The combat itself flows smoothly with its detailed character models and crisp animations for character stances and moves. The colour scheme is dark and misty with a medieval look to the backgrounds and icons. Its detailed graphics and high resolution gives the player a great visual experience similar to its console older brother.




The game is easy to navigate around and looks pretty simple. Although there are many features on every page, there is a simple path to play the game and an easy way to view your progression level. There are some functionality issues. It didn’t crash at first for a while but when it does crash for the first time, it tends to be quite frequent.



Fun Factor

Mortal Kombat has immense combat with gruesome scenes during fights. Although a down point is that the game has one game mode to play from, it definitely has its fun factor with continuous combat and a variety of movesets. Characters have their unique traits and special moves which also provides depth and excitement each time you play.




Well, fans endure a sorrowful wait as the mobile version has only one playable game mode for now. There are a series of maps you have to get through with ‘Boss’ levels at the end of each map. After completing the combat thriller, there is not much to do but leave the game at rest. You can continue to play previous battles and earn ‘koins and souls’ yet when there is no end goal, it is deemed pretty much pointless.




An upside to the app is that it’s completely free. It may not hold value to someone’s essential life as it is a game but the app is free unlike its console version.




The game is much anticipated by Mortal Kombat fans. It is a great lead up to the full game and a great way of giving new players a free opportunity to experience the game before upgrading to its console big brother. It has a few functionality issues that need fixing and could have more variety in game modes but this game is definitely worth playing as it is full of intense combat and it is free!