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Web Design

Keko London are specialists in the premium and luxury sectors. They are a full service advertising agency who reach, engage and retain high net worth customers. The focus is on helping brands to remain relevant in a world where innovation is becoming as important as tradition.


Site Design

The brief was focused on developing Keko’s digital presence to represent the high quality, professional and premium service that they offer to their brands. The key issues with the previous website were its static nature and its lack of UX design; the new website is focused upon demonstrating the clients Keko work with, their innovative offering while also guiding users at all points towards making an enquiry.

The content that Keko possess through their clients is remarkable and therefore we aimed wherever possible to bring this rich and dynamic video and photography into their digital presence.

Responsive Design

It was clear from the analytics of the website that users were primarily engaging with Keko online through mobile and tablet devices and therefore Verb focused significant attention upon creating a seamless and efficient on the go experience. It is clear from the results that the mobile devices are working as a discovery and initial investigation tool and users are returning later to view the website on desktop and make an enquiry.
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