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Daylesford are an Organic Farm that for over 35 years have been bringing food from their farm, to your home. They offer organic food goods of the highest quality and everything is freshly grown and prepared on their grounds.

Daylesford approached Verb Brands wanting to revolutionise their current online presence into a luxury Ecommerce experience . We worked closely with them to develop their current site experience and create the journey from landing on the site, to conversion.

Ecommerce Website Design, User Experience & Development

The brief was to develop their website into an effective and informative online experience for their customers.
A key issue with their current site was that it wasn’t converting well and the User Experience was very confused, creating a high bounce rate and users not engaging with their content.

Their content was of a good standard and we used this to try and drive traffic through the recipes and written content, to the products. As well as offering a streamlined and simple method of purchase, driving customers through their content to enhance conversion was important.

We wanted to make sure that visiting was not just an everyday eCommerce experience, we wanted to make sure that there was a careful blend between conversion and the brand experience itself using the brand and the rich content that they could deliver.

Responsive Design

Over half of the traffic online is now via mobile and tablet devices. This is especially prevalent in the luxury market. Daylesford site was currently not responsive or even mobile friendly.

An imperative part of the brief was to make sure that the site was fluid responsive, meaning that it would work on devices of all shapes and sizes, current or upcoming. Using UX techniques that are synonymous with responsive design, we were able to create an experience that works seamlessly across screen of all sizes, catering for all users the may visit.
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