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Paid Social Strategy

The Calzedonia group includes the well-renowned brands Intimissimi, Calzedonia, and Tezenis. For over twenty years, the brands have been retailing underwear, swimwear, legwear, and clothes. With over 2,000 shops throughout the world, the brand is a household name and Verb is proud to do strategy and management of the paid social advertising for all three of the Calzedonia brands within the UK.

The Brief

Verb was tasked with putting together the paid social advertising campaigns within the UK to build awareness, drive footfall to stores and ultimately see conversion from the campaigns themselves, across all three of the brands. Moreover, whilst this was not within the brief, there is always the chance to learn more about the brands and the audiences to tailor other marketing activities.

The Challenge

For the luxury market, targeting warmer, more niche audiences typically sees better success as there is usually a smaller market who would be interested and can afford to spend luxury prices. With the Calzedonia brands, we have found, whilst luxurious, the products are more affordable, and therefore the results for targeting smaller, warmer audiences has been varied. We always A/B test audiences to gain learnings from a campaign and this is how we have seen that the larger audiences work better for the brand.

The Solution

For each paid social campaign, we test and learn. We plan as far in advance as we can, providing a strong strategy alongside a rationale as to why we’re suggesting what we are. We will always monitor a campaign, and optimize the results as necessary, based on the A/B testing that we do across the different levels of a campaign; whether that is placement, audience targeting or ad format variations. The key to a successful paid social strategy is reflecting on the previous campaigns to understand how to maintain success and build upon them and this is what we do for Calzedonia.
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