Verb Spotlight: MIITO

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


I love sitting down after a long day at work with a cup of hot tea. Carrying many health benefits, tea for me is an easy way to relax my mind. Having said this, one thing that slips through people’s minds is the cost paid for making or heating liquids. An electric kettle uses a mass amount of energy. A lot of that energy is due to excess water that is unused in the kettle. MIITO claim that research proves that one day of extra energy you use from overfilling kettles, is enough to supply to power every street light in England for an entire night.

MIITO is a startup that set out to solve this problem. It is a product that heats up the exact amount of water you need in the vessel of your choice. To use the product all you have to do is place your cup on a base/platform, place a rod into the cup that magnetically connects to the base, and wait a few minutes for the water to heat up.

I believe MIITO will grow to have a positive impact on the amount of energy saved. It is very cost effective, time efficient and of course helps you make that all important cuppa!