This Year At SXSW Interactive Showcase The Future Of Tech


Yes, it’s that time of the year again where techies and innovators alike reconvene to oversee all the ground-breaking technology forthcoming in our very near future. South by Southwest’s Interactive conference rejoices many startups to experience modern trends that will have an impact in the world we live in.

The worlds biggest leading innovative companies find this an opportunity to test ‘the future’ and 2015 is no exception. The conference holds highly anticipated products of the year and gives a summary of the latest tech updates which innovators consume to adapt their brand to the evolving future.

Below is verb’s most anticipated tech trends so far;

1. Wearables, health and social good: This year’s SXSWi has raised the bar significantly with wearable technology. It is not just smart glasses that have captured attention. A vast array of innovative technology was displayed including 3D printed fashion and also products that reach unthinkable height’s such as the world’s first “smart band-aid,” which is focused upon the fight against Ebola.

Our blog on the future of wearable technology gives an overview of how wearable tech will impact our futures globally.


2. Robotics: This platform of technology is far from new. Robotics have been displayed for years in tech festivals and have advanced over time. The interest of robotics has increased and the agonising wait to see what is to come this year at SXSWi is finally over. Companies have not failed to show how they are paving the way to breakthrough products with a robotic solutions to disaster-relief and humanitarian problems.

Founder and CEO of Jibo Inc. Dr. Cynthia Breazeal displayed their new extraordinary robot Jibo stating the following – “Many of us have been fascinated by robots for many years, long before we could actually build robots that are like the ones of our imagination”. “We’ve been waiting for the time when these robots are going to come into our homes and our daily lives – and I think the time is finally upon us”. Jibo definitely caught our attentions with ultra intelligence in commands and emotion. Robotics is becoming a lot more recognised with many people already implementing the idea of an “automated life”. Some people see it as a shortcut to relief and some as future tool to cause mass chaos. But for now, this is one of Verb’s most anticipated industries.


3. Transportation: Transportation is facing rapid evolution as scientists are looking for alternatives to a fuel crisis. From self-driving vehicles to alternative fuel types, it is inevitable that companies primary focus is on the future of transport.

There were many new ideas like the flying car that caught the eyes of many. CEO and Co-Founder of AeroMobile, Juraj Vaculik, has finally showed us his unique journey on building the very first flying car.


SXSW did not fail to deliver new innovative ideas this year and has lived up to the standards of it’s previous years. Technology advances year on year and we do not expect any less for next year. We learn, we live and we love tech and this year was proof of technology domination in the coming future. Technology has created climatic changes to the digital sphere and that creates a massive push forward for digital agencies. We at Verb provide digital consultancy that will allow your brand to understand the evolution of technology and media. Drop us an email and let us know how we can assist your brand to become a successful platform in your market.