Is Wearable Tech The Future of Digital?

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Smartphones and tablets have reshaped how audiences engage online and wearable technology is set to be the next big shift in digital marketing.

The adoption of wearable tech has stunned the world as people across the globe have begun wearing small portable devices and using them to interact digitally. Wearable tech is most common in North America, with almost half of all wearable tech being situated in that region. In 2016, a projected 100 million wearable devices are expected to be distributed. The Apple Watch is primed to be launched and Amazon currently offer over 100 pieces of wearable tech and it’s currently a semi-trend..

These watches, arm bands, glasses et al will impact digital significantly as people no longer have to worry about using their phones, tablets and laptops. Those tiny interactions we continually have through WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter etc can be managed by a watch or an arm band. Exercise is one of the main activities performed with wearable tech as most of the aims are to lose weight and have a healthy fitness regime and clearly this tech is far less cumbersome than strapping your phone to your arm!

Wearable tech is becoming a norm already and Google especially are not going to miss out on that. The ease of carrying a portable device without carrying it does change the game. In In February 2013 Google announced Google Glass which was expected to make a massive impact on the wearable tech industry. It was tipped to be your new everyday device yet it was unfortunately discontinued as Google believed their product to be premature and needed more time to make it “ready”. Despite the recent recall, the buzz and uptake of Google’s wearable device shows that the consumer desire for more wearable tech is there. On a side note, Google banned the product from being worn at their shareholder meetings which, to a lot of people, indicated that they already had lost faith in the product and underestimated the privacy concerns.

According to PWC 97% of American children ages 12 to 17 play an average of one hour of video games per day. Imagine the growth with wearable tech. Less time to start, more visual experience and its completely portable. Put a wearable gaming device on a youngster and you have instant uptake.

We have already seen an uptake amongst more serious PC gamers with the introduction of the Oculus Rift from Oculus VR which provided the immersive and visual experience that people have been craving over the past few years. The company has since been acquired by Facebook for a massive $2bn.


This sector has also been jumped on by Sony with the tease of their current development product Project Morpheus which alongside the power of the Playstation and their Playstation Move products, could be a huge leap for wearable entertainment technology and VR in our homes.

So do I think that wearable tech is the future of digital? My answer would be yes! I think wearable tech will be a staple in the future of digital. An efficient way of updating social, a tool for everyday health and a luxury asset for gaming and much more. Wearable tech may well dominate the social sphere and be used for almost anything.

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