Introducing, Appy Mondays


So it’s the start of a new week and a very happy Monday to you, or should I say Appy Monday. Appy Mondays are a segment of our blog here at Verb where we will be sharing our latest and greatest (and maybe some not so great) mobile applications that we have found on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

From games to useful tool apps, perhaps learning applications or simply just a gimmick? We will be reviewing and giving our opinions on apps that we have downloaded and experienced throughout the weekend.

Each application will be rated based on four simple areas and will be then given an overall score based on those areas.



How does it look? Is it beautifully crafted and does it just look stunning? Or has it been rushed to launch and they just haven’t really thought about it?


Ok, this often can overlap with Design, but simply put, how easy is it to use? Are those buttons the right size or are they just too small? Is it intuitive enough that when we give it to a friend, they don’t need to be told what to do, or do they need some hand holding? All will be answered here.

Fun Factor

At the end of the day, most apps (particularly games) need to be fun, or else why would we play them over and over again? This may not be applicable to all applications and that will be made clear if that’s the case.

Addictive / re-useable

Does it leave you coming back for more and craving the end of the day so you can play it on the commute home? Is it useful and you actually find yourself using the app often in your everyday life? We will let you know in this section.


Finally the big question, is it worth your precious pennies? If it’s free, how annoying are those ads that keep popping up?


If you have a particular app that you think it’s worth us taking a look at, or perhaps you’ve been eyeing it up on the store of your choice but just haven’t punted for it yet and just want to know if it’s worth it, simply give us a shout at and we might just review it.