How to Make Your Brand Appear as High-End Online

Offline luxury

At the beginning of October, we were delighted to be invited to speak to one of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurial events to date, The Collective Europe.

86 Guests, 16 speakers, 10 workshops and lots of fun activities, The Collective attracted professionals from all over the world for a three days TECH-FREE Retreat-style conference. The challenge? To be without our phones. This particularity of the event forced all guests to forge meaningful relationships and to be able to ‘disconnect’ when actually better connecting with yourself.

The workshops we attended addressed different skill developments, from how to build and improve your charisma to building businesses of impact and learning how to write your personal and business vision.

From our side, our session covered how to position your brand as high-end online. The objective of our workshop was to demonstrate how smaller brands can truly compete against the big players in the industry online and position themselves as bigger, established and luxury or high-end brands. One of the wonderful parts of digital these days is that brains can beat brawn and, as such, a clever strategy can position your brand above your competitors who have far larger and deeper pockets.

We summarised 6 key tips to help your brand achieve that position:

 1. Brand consistency:

Your brand, your logo, your narrative, your tone of voice, it all needs to be a reflection of your brand. If you want to be ‘serious’, make sure you keep that consistency throughout your marketing channels. Likewise, your logo needs to be slick and clear. Using thin typography and soft colours mixed with foils and embossed can help achieve that. If your USP is very different to your competitors, make sure your design (and brand message) is aligned to that and reflects something completely different than the others. Look at the bigger players in the industry. What do they do? Which technology do they use? Which retention techniques do they establish? Getting inspiration from them can help your brand aspire bigger results.

 2. Trustful validations

Your reputation online is what will attract new consumers to try it and trust it. Testimonials, referrals, social media interaction, public review and even good SEO results can help you achieve that. Bear in mind that if the first three results on google are negative, it is very likely that your potential consumer already gets a bad first impression of your brand.

 3. Curated outbound plan

Think of WHAT to publish: The type of content that works well with your brand. IF you are service-based, make sure you write interesting thought leadership articles whereas if you are product based, you can play with campaign imagery mixed with UGC (User Generated Content) and behind the scenes imagery for example.

HOW to publish it, earlier on the year we summarised the Top 10 tips of how to publish on Instagram for Luxury brands.

WHERE to publish: Choose your PR partners wisely, do they have the similar business values than your brand has? Which audience do they have? Which other brands do they work with? These questions can help you define your PR and outbound strategy.

 4. Heritage:

Heritage is often related to older generations but it can be built from improving your brand’s prestige. Outlining the manufacturing process, or explaining a unique distinguishment of your team or even adding personalised products to your portfolio can help you achieve that.

 5 . Pricing Strategy:

High-end and luxury are related to expensive products. If you decide to categorise yourself with those adjectives, your prices will need to reflect that. However, it is essential to justify these prices through the best quality offered and an impeccable customer service.

 6 . A smooth path to purchase:

Similarly to how you expect to enter a store and feel ‘luxury’ from the moment you enter the door, the whole digital path-to-purchase needs to be as smooth as possible. Think from when your customers’ search your product or service in Google, they find you (or someone who recommends you) and your website is beautiful and very easy to navigate so that your consumers spend more time on it and ultimately, they purchase your products or book your services.

If you wish to learn more from us, please get in touch. We can share the presentation and we can answer any questions you may have.