How to Achieve The Best Ad Tracking Pairing AdWords with Google Analytics

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Google AdWords provides you with all kinds of helpful data regarding the performance of your pay-per-click campaigns.  Google Analytics provides you with all kinds of helpful data regarding the performance of your website.  Partner the two of them together and you basically have an end-to-end overview of your sales funnel, which opens up all kinds of opportunities.

See how your landing pages are really performing

If there is one reason above all others to partner up Google AdWords with Google Analytics it is this: PPC advertising is exactly what it says, you pay for the click or the impression, not the conversion. In order to achieve the highest conversion rate, your site’s speed needs to be watched as well as minimising any under-performing landing pages.

Google Analytics’ measures, such as bounce rate, session duration and conversion rates. It will highlight which landing pages are doing their job and which need to be improved.

See how you stack up against the competition

If you’re prepared to share your data anonymously with Google, Google will reward you with access to its benchmarking data, which it compiles on the basis of information submitted by all the other companies that use it.

Given that Google covers over 1,600 industries, there’s an excellent chance you’ll find relevant statistics that can help drive your business forward.

Double-check your keyword research

We would advocate attribution modelling and multi-channel funnel reports as your main tools for keyword research. However, we think there is a simpler way to double-check the results of these more sophisticated tools and pairing AdWords with Google Analytics provides such a way in the form of the “% new sessions” metric.

This will tell you what percentage new customers were drawn in by a particular keyword.  The higher the number, the more effective the keyword is for you.

Create custom, dynamic remarketing adverts

We all know the scenario: a customer is browsing, but they’re not quite ready to make a purchase decision.  They may well just need a bit more time and, perhaps a bit more encouragement.  Your problem is that, now that you have got them in a buying mood, one of your competitors may step in and lure them away from your site.

Use custom, dynamic adverts to show your customers products they’ve already viewed to keep them fresh in their minds and encourage them to come back and complete the purchase.

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