What Font Awesome are doing for web development world is nothing short of heroic

Open source, free to use, and free for commercial use are all words we love to hear. It’s part of what makes the world a better place and it’s what allows businesses to be able to make bigger and better affordable products or services.

We need more Wikipedias in the world and we need more free to use tools and information sources. Help entrepreneurs and creative people who take their idea and turn it into a reality. Font Awesome just so happen to be one of those organisations that are being selfless and making the world a better place by providing free to use font and icons for the development community.

What work Font Awesome do and what makes them such heroes?

Font awesome is a small organisation, run by Dave Gandy, that creates free to use fonts and icons for CSS and LESS. They want developers to have access to high quality, high resolution, scalable icons that are customisable. The most important part is they want all of this to be free so that developers can build websites easily, quickly and cheaply by having all of their icons in one place for free. The service has been so successful that Font Awesome decided they wanted to create even more icons, expand the service and make the products even better by investing some money into the organisation. So, Dave Gandy decided to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to help do this.

These guys already qualify as heroes in our books. However, having already provided a service that is second in users only to Google Fonts and then wanting to expand the service a bit more with the extra $30,000 they went a step further. They hit the $30,000 mark really fast and then decided to let the Kickstarter campaign continue to be able to gather more funds to plough back into the service to make Font Awesome 5. They’ve now hit $1,076,960 and finally stopped the campaign. It’s an awfully large amount of money to take on board by an organisation that didn’t need to take on that responsibility. However, their commitment to the development world and increasing the number of icons available to the development community, free of charge, makes them heroes in the eyes of our developers here at Verb.

Without Font Awesome, building a website would be considerably more difficult and expensive as icons would need to be made by each agency for each project. However, with Font Awesome we have a whole host of icons we can use and customise exactly as we need. This means we don’t have to go back to the designers each time for an icon to be designed as we can just go and select a pre-made one and customise it ourselves. We still have to make icons that aren’t commonly used and ones that Font Awesome haven’t yet covered but with the new investment that Font Awesome have taken on, this is becoming less of an issue for us now.

Verb contributed to Font Awesome’s Kickstarter campaign and we’d happily contribute to any in the future. We try and contribute to all web development community campaigns and we take our hats off to those brilliant people within the industry who set up these organisations for the betterment of web development.

We hope by writing this blog post we’ve shed a bit of light on what some people in the web development community are doing for the internet and for web development. These people deserve the exposure and their moment in the light for the thankless service they provide.

If you’re interested in contributing to Font Awesome you can still do so here and if you’d like to know of any other campaigns like this that Verb supports, get in contact with us.

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