The Evolving Luxury Hospitality Market

What’s the Key to its Growth?

A deep analysis of the key digital trends within luxury travel and hospitality, written by Verb in conjunction with the University of Sheffield.

When we look at how the luxury market has evolved in the last 5 years, ‘digital’ is one of the first things that comes to everyone’s mind. This is also the case for the travel and hospitality sectors. In line of TREND event, we look to analyse the behaviour of today’s luxury hospitality consumers, and how this industry is shifting to new successful business models.

The objective of this whitepaper is to address the main digital developments that have forced hospitality and travel brands to re-address their businesses and re-think their marketing strategies. The goal is to identify successful digital strategies that can be taken from analysing consumers’ offline behaviour.

Trend Event

TREND is a collection of events to inspire brands to find better ways to connect to their customers on the right level. We started TREND to carve a much needed digital voice in the luxury industry. The event will bring together 75 senior luxury marketing professionals for an evening of inspiring talks and valuable networking.

Join us for an evening of actionable insight into how brands can bring luxury back into the digital retail experience.

July 2018, Central London

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