Luxury Hospitality: Personalisation & Loyalty

Despite seeing a healthy industry growth, luxury hospitality brands are finding increasing challenges in digitalisation. Technology is not only contributing to a very crowded market space by giving smaller brands a chance to be seen, but it has also had a significant impact on consumer profiles – guests are now expecting the ‘unexpected’.

This white paper analyses the current state of the luxury hospitality and travel industries and identifies techniques to be used that can help hotel brands to improve loyalty and reputation through digital personalisation.

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TREND is a collection of events to inspire brands to find better ways to connect to their customers on the right level. We started TREND to carve a much needed digital voice in the luxury industry. The event will bring together 75 senior luxury marketing professionals for an evening of inspiring talks and valuable networking.

Join us for an evening of actionable insight into how brands can bring luxury back into the digital retail experience.

April 2019, Central London

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