Common SEO Mistakes Emerging Luxury Brands Make

seo luxury brands

SEO is part of the essential digital marketing strategy for all luxury brands to consider, whether we are talking about a small, one-location retailer or a multinational brand name. However, there are many mistakes that premium brands make when establishing their SEO strategy and maintaining it on an ongoing basis.

We’ll look at three of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them:

  • Not utilising local search

Irrespective of how many locations you operate from or where you are located, you need to be visible in local search. If potential customers cannot find you or get in contact, they won’t engage with your business. Many consumers are put off if location details are not readily available in search engine results or take too long to find on a website.

It is all about making your brand as credible as possible, and that doesn’t mean only in Google. Ensure that your location and contact details are available across all of your social media platforms, as well as listing them in relevant business directories, Google my Business and contact page.

  • Not researching SEO trends

You may think you understand what SEO means for your brand, but not keeping up with trends in SEO can be just as damaging as not taking account of it at all.

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms in an effort to provide the best quality search results to consumers. Therefore, ranking factors are evolving or disappearing and new ones are being introduced.

Google has over 200 factors in its algorithm and they are always on the move. Consider how different the SERPs for major search engines look now, compared to the list formats of the past.

Key trends for 2018 include maximising page speeds, using voice search, being mobile friendly and personalised search results. This is in addition to advancements in the areas of optimisation such as SSL certificates, linkless reviews and rich vs. regular snippets. Being responsive to these trends is of vital importance to brands, especially those looking to establish themselves.

Research into SEO trends should not sit in isolation and is not just the responsibility of your online team.

  • Failing to align SEO with your wider visibility strategy

When brands work towards improving their website SEO, it’s usually with the intent of ranking at number one in Google and other search engines. However, the goal of ranking at number one is not going to grow your brand and sales alone. SEO must form an integral part of your business strategy and it’s important to understand the different aspects of Google algorithms, such as keyword intent, website user experience and link authority to name a few. As starting point brands should prioritise those which will garner the most benefit while remembering that what works for a high street mass-market retailer may not be appropriate for a luxury brand.

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