Appy Mondays – Wunderlist

james-authorBy James Clifton (@cliffioo)


Wunderlist is a great free app from 6wunderkinder a group based in Berlin that specifically work on the Wunderlist product. It can be downloaded for iOS here, Android here, the mac application version is available here and they have a desktop web based version here.

Wunderlist is an incredibly powerful and intuitive tool for organising your life and work and all things list-based. My girlfriend and I are a very organised pairing and she just loves making lists, so much that I will get in from work and I can guarantee that she is sat there writing a list of some sort. The problem with these is that she will write a list for shopping or for our food menu and then she will just forget to tell me about it, this was really frustrating as she would have a great idea of what we are doing and what’s coming up, whereas I would have no idea.

Wunderlist to the rescue!

This incredibly helpful app allows user to create lists, whatever list you like, make comments on list items, set dates, and all manner of things that people want from a list making app. But the greatest thing about it? You can collaborate! This means that you can add friends / collaborators and share lists between each other. That food shopping list just became that bit easier. The girlfriend can even add things that she’s forgot to put on the list whilst i’m out and about picking up the items and she can even see me checking them off one by one in real time.

To say it has helped us greatly would be an understatement, it’s gotten so integral now that we even have our whole meal plans for the coming weeks on there so that we both never forget and the shopping items are listed in the details for each day so we can check off what we have/don’t have and can grab all the necessary bits as and when we need to.

So functionally and practically it’s a fantastic little app, but how does it weigh up in our criteria? Lets find out.

So how does it look? Well personally I’m a big fan of how Wunderlist looks, although I do think at times it can look dated. Whether that’s down to the Skeuomorphism Design style or not I’m not sure, just feel that sometimes it can be a little dated to the eye.


The Skeuomorphism design style can sometimes look a little dated but I think it works well for the brand.

But it’s still a beautiful product. As always design is subjective, so some users may prefer it, whereas others may not. But personally i’m happy with it, it’s a fun loving brand and that is portrayed in the design language within the application itself.

4 / 5


The UX is really where the guys at 6Wunderkinder have got it bang on for me. It’s really simple and intuitive to use. Using all the common conventions that we have come to know on touch devices, simply holding on an item to change to edit mode and then rearranging items as you wish, simply swiping an item to the side to get rid of it, using a checkbox system to mark off items and simply tapping on an item to get more details within the item.

These are all very common conventions now on touch devices and make the application very easy to use and incredibly intuitive. There hasn’t been that moment where i’ve thought “hang on, that didn’t do what I wanted it to.” And that is down to solid UX and a solid understanding of how a user will use their app.

The developers have also done a great job of making the app tablet optimised, meaning that it doesn’t simply enlarge the fields and buttons on these larger devices, they have actually thought about how they can use the screen estate and adapted the UX where appropriate.

No Doubt about it, top marks here.


Have a read of “Designing Across Mobile Platforms, Don’t Just Copy And Paste” which I wrote last week about UX across different platforms for a more in depth discussion about common conventions for touch device User Experiences.

5 / 5


Fun Factor
This app wasn’t particularly built to be fun, but there is something satisfying and joyful in creating lists and ticking off the items as you go through. Being able to do this with collaborators as well makes it a much more fulfilling and enjoyable app. Along with its fun and friendly brand feel, overall without intending to be fun, it makes up for it in being a friendly and collaborative, usual app.

N / A


Addictive / Reusable
This app is very useful and my girlfriend and I are always making different lists and plans for different things. It’s useful to know that she’s just picked up that loaf of bread so I don’t need to worry about getting it on my way home from work.

It’s not “addictive” but it is a highly reusable application and we now find it to be an integral part of our plans and organising our lives.

5 / 5


The app is completely Free. So it’s a no brainer really!

5 / 5


Overall the app is useful, fun to use, nice to look at and easy to use. It’s available on multiple platforms and it’s also adapted for larger screens such as tablet devices and Macs, along with the web based experience.

This app has changed how my girlfriend and I organise our lives and it’s been incredibly useful to us. It may not be to others but I can’t deny that it has solved a problem, and solved it well! So top marks! Well done 6Wunderkinder!