Appy Mondays – MeowChat

thopon-authorBy Thopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Chat apps have become somewhat of a habit of communication. People all over the globe have grasped this efficient method of instantly sending a text with the small requirement of an internet connection. As WiFi and mobile internet are becoming more and more prominent in people’s lives, they are slowly forgetting SMS and paying more attention to chat apps.

WhatsApp has hit the world with a storm. People gave up ‘calling’ long ago with the introduction of SMS and now that seems to be slowly dying and users are adopting a method much quicker in the long run of communication. India is now the second largest adoption point of WhatsApp. With over 900 million active mobile users, it is an essential part in communication. With the massive presence of the web rapidly increasing, chat apps have not surprised anyone with its success.


MeowChat, once suspect of racing to the top of the download charts, is now a successful platform within the chat app industry. The app that allows users to interact with strangers, in one-on-one or group chats has been quietly building momentum since its launch last year.

Like rival WhatsApp, MeowChat supports photo and audio messaging. The fun of meeting new people and creating a community of friends is overwhelming. Not only that, but it is amusing talking one-on-one to someone with the same interests as you. A peer you can build a friendship or maybe even strong relationship with.

So with a relatively impressive success early on in its life, MeowChat is definitely on the list for a review by me:



How does MeowChat look? Well colour schemes are consistent with light colours. Three main colours (orange, white and light blue) which will not get irritating to the eye over time.

The style is flat and uses soft pastel tones to keep the look and feel friendly and inviting. Overall it’s an aesthetically pleasing application with some fun elements.




From my experience using the app, the app has faced some development issues (lags are common when navigating around the app) yet it is simple to find your way around the app using device contextual navigation, take a look at our article Designing Across Mobile Platforms, Don’t Just Copy And Paste for explanation on how this makes the UX more intuitive for the user.



Fun Factor

The app is generally based on communicating with strangers. I think that’s a fun factor in itself. The people you can pair up with near you, with similarities and much to talk about, and the option of sharing photos. This app holds many captivating mysteries to explore. There are also cool animations on the loading screen which keeps things light-hearted whilst waiting to be matched. Although this is not a game, there are little twists that users may find enjoyable.



Addictive / Reusable

As a social app, this app is generally reused often. Connecting with others is endless and can be highly addictive at times. It has created a large frame of users that you can meet everyday and you hardly stumble across the same user twice. Yet this app has another like it (Instagram) and does not have an option for sharing videos either which may be a factor of why people may not use it as their primary presence on social platforms.




The app is absolutely free! In terms of importance, there may not be a huge value to the app as you are only meeting strangers and most primary platforms that involve people talking to common friends, is not unfortunately MeowChat at the moment. But considering the app is completely free, a legitimate communication tool and there are few ads evident, it has to represent good value.




This app has great appearance and interests many minds to enjoy their time talking to new people. The app helps make friends and interact with millions yet it isn’t a primary platform for social media users. It may be fun for a while, like services such as Omegle, yet I believe that users for the platform will continuously change and there will be no permanent following like some rival platforms. But as an app in itself, it’s a good one.