Appy Monday – Wimbledon

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


It is that time of the year again as thousands of fans cue up for another epic year of Wimbledon. This summers event has introduced fan technology, measuring heart rates and emotion calculators which allow people to experience the excitement outside the arena’s. Wimbledon has also re-opened their app on iOS and Android giving us the latest scores and results.

In this edition of Appy Monday we look into the latest Wimbledon app including all the pros, cons and whether the app is worth adding to your app inventory.

The design is very mature and clean. There isn’t much creativity with the background and menu as they are very plain with one background through majority of the pages. There is a simple vertical slide function to switch between pages, all of which include a menu button located at the top left of the app.

The app lacks a lot of intuitiveness as the menu is stuffed with over 15 options. The most important options are listed at the top and it is quite easy to find the live and latest scores. There are some functionality issues with the app as it tends to lag sometimes and it feels very locked in one screen. It takes specific clicks and swipes to navigate throughout the app and isn’t as smooth as it could be.

The app is perfect for giving live scores, fixtures and results which makes it a very useful feature to have on your phone. Another advantage is that the app is completely free. So tennis fans will be able to keep themselves updated and read all the latest blogs posted on the blog page of the app.

The app has its issues with poor functionality and lack of creativity within the design but it does it’s job and of informing people of all the latest as Wimbledon happens which for most people is enough.