Appy Monday – Uber

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)

It can sometimes be a lengthy task ordering a cab, especially when trying to navigate a cab to your precise location in a big city. This problem has been resolved with the release of Uber – the end of long waits and costly journeys. It has disrupted the taxi industry quite severely with clever gps systems and making the process of ordering a cab completely effortless.

After downloading the app on iOS, Android or Windows, you will be able to easily follow the process of creating an account with all your personal details. You are also able to get a free ride of up to £10 from various promotional codes only to be used during the creation of your account.

When ordering your first ride, Uber will offer up a variety of different ‘classes’ to choose from.  Each class offers a different service level – and the cost aligns with how ‘luxury’ you want your ride to be.  You have the choice of picking the lower end ‘UberX’ and ‘UberXL’ or can opt for a more premium experience with the ‘Executive’ and ‘Luxury’ options.


After choosing your class, it is only a quick tap away to set up your pickup location. Uber have intelligently pinned this for you based on your current location but you can always change the location to whatever suits you best. You are able to then enter your destination while checking your fare estimate.  Uber’s ability to give estimations before pickup is a really underestimated USP over traditional taxi cars.

After this you simply tap “request” and the nearest available Uber car  will arrive in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve been taken to your chosen destination, you can leave.  No more fumbling with money, as Uber takes payment directly from your credit/debit card.  This is a vastly superior experience to having to handle cash – meaning you no longer need to stop off at the side of the road to withdraw from an ATM.

In this edition of Appy Monday I will be reviewing the Uber app and the experience people may have using a private hire on their mobile devices.

The app has a tidy design with a simple display that looks very modern. The vast majority of the app is white with black text and icons and a large map in the middle of the screen that shows your current locations and the Uber drivers near you. The navigation bar is organised and it seems very easy to get from place to place (on the app of course).


The app is very intuitive and the simple buttons and navigation allow you to whiz through the app without any issues. The user journey is fantastic, with each stage of the hiring process being extremely relevant without adding any unnecessary pages. Overall the UX is friendly yet there can be some functionality issues such as at really busy times, not everyone will be able to join the servers, however this is very rare.

The app is very appealing and can be addicting in many ways. The process of ordering a cab and directing them to your current location can be a lot of effort. Uber offers a quick and easy service that only requires a few taps of your screen. It is a very remarkable experience, which really showcases the power of tech disruption.

The app is completely free as any cab service app would be. The journeys provided by Uber are known to be cheaper than any other taxi service which recently caused many protests against uber. Uber also offer many promotional codes that attract more and more customers to their service.

Uber is a very successful service that continues to grow. The app has a fantastic design and is super easy to use, which leads people to use the app continuously as it is an effortless task.. It is intuitive and has great user experience. Uber have really managed to rock the boat, and have turned a whole industry on its head. I would say this app and service is a must use for anyone looking to travel in the modern, digital age.

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