Appy Monday – Stick Hero

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Every now and again I want to play a simple game that doesn’t require much ability or thinking. A game that holds its addictiveness yet requires minimum effort. Stick Hero is a game developed to do just that. These games provide short sessions, packed with tonnes of challenges.

Stick Hero consists of a character producing a stick long enough to bridge over from one platform to another. If the stick is too long, you drop, and if the stick is too short, guess what, you drop.



The colour scheme is based upon black and white. It has a simple design with no detailed aspects. The game contains platforms in which you use a resizable stick to get across and the characters are fictional silhouette like figures. The game is designed well, with the one drawback being the lack of labelled buttons in the menu.


The game is very addictive. There is one basic aim in this game which is to get over as many platforms as possible. It’s very competitive to play with friends and you are always looking to get better and increase your high score. (Mine is 24!)


The app is completely free which is a major win and I wouldn’t expect it to cost due to the simple features. There are in game purchases for cherries which you use to acquire new characters. It acts as the “currency” in the game and if you do not have enough of them then you can further purchase from here. Frustratingly it can take a little too long to collect the necessary cherries without purchasing


The app has set out to capture attention and be as enticing as possible. It has done just that by having an an easy goal and a consistent look just like all the other “stick” games. There is an issue with the buttons not being labelled and it is hard to know where you’re navigating too, other than the main game. But with it being free and very engrossing as it is, this game is definitely one to download.