Appy Monday – Snapchat

thopon-authorBy Thopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Snapchat; a time efficient way of exposing live movements and activities to all your fellow ‘snapchatters’. The company set out with the purpose of creating a fun interactive way for people to send images to each other that wouldn’t be saved. Today’s teens have finally learned the lesson that their older siblings never seemed to grasp, as socialnomics states, ‘what happens in vegas stays on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube etc’. Effectively, those embarrassing selfies you took when you were fourteen with a quiff wouldn’t exist if Snapchat had been around. The platform has transformed into becoming a major player in the social sphere. A platform with the creative ability to interact with your friends and parts of the public via pictures and videos in an unobtrusive way.

Snapchat has developed itself over time, with the introduction of messenger, a very successful messaging service on the app to allow users to write longer messages. And the ability to be able to add your location to your snaps. And with Snapchats recognition of that location, you will find a cool theme to portray your whereabouts.




Many new additions have been added and removed over time. A minor issue which has freaked most of their global community, is the removal of the ‘Best Friends List’. A small yet effective feature, which people across the globe are making complaints about. Even I was annoyed at what they had done! However, it would seem that Snapchat are one of few social networks who are listening to their customers, as rumours would have it that they might be bringing back this feature.

Snapchat have compensated for their devious acts by adding a new and some what, interesting features to their platform.

Discover! A completely new dimension that allows users to explore news and content posted by different media industries. This includes National Geographic, Daily Mail and MTV.



So I thought for this edition of Appy Monday, we could discuss why we love and hate this app.



So how does this app look? Well, a 3 page slide function; one for viewing snaps, one for the camera and one to view friends, Snapchat couldn’t have made things simpler. Windows, Android and iOS have the same display layout and functions with maybe just a font change. With great colour schemes and easy navigation, I think the designs a winner.




With social media platforms, especially with ones that revolve around fast interaction, need to be simple enough to use. Navigation is quick yet there are aggravating features. It requires two actions to move from “my snaps” to my “stories”, effectively always having to go past the camera page, they could make this easier. This small problem lengthens everyones snapchat experience psychologically and may effect user satisfaction.

There are some cons to snapchat that even I experience. Some say the app makes them log back in every time the send a snap and others (such as myself) experienced a major lag while snapping something or creating a video. As simple as it can be, the app does have its faults.

Aside from UX, there seems to be a couple of development issues with Android. While not confirmed, other many Android users have stated that the app is almost broken. With videos not sending or receiving and snaps statuses not updating, there are many bugs in need of fixing with Snapchat.



Fun Factor

Although there is no end point to Snapchat, as it isn’t a game, the actual concept of sending your live activity has a lot of fun in itself. Getting to see what others do, experimenting with filters, sharing your location and drawing over still pictures is a few of the amazing aspects that Snapchats have to offer.

So maybe Snapchat is not a game but it has somewhat gamified social media as it allows fun image functions and enhances creativity like no other social platform. One significant negative is the removal of best friends. As much as you may deny it, I will be honest and say 50% of the time I visit Snapchat, is to view someones ‘best friends list’. Knowing who someones closest Snapchat buddy is very interesting and keeps me up to date on who interacts with who.





Addictive / Reusable  

Against all odds, snapchat has become an everyday companion for your 20 somethings around the world and we don’t think it’s going anywhere soon. A very addictive app due to the freedom of what you can do. Taking pictures will never become boring as you discover something new every day of your life and even the smallest of things can be added to your story within seconds. People snap all the time and snapchat also shows you how much you’ve snapped since joining the network. I’m on 10,750!




This app holds immense value. It’s free on all mobile platforms and has no intrusive ads. It helps me know what my friends are up to on a day to day basis and allows fun effortless communication.




To conclude; the app is very addictive and fun to implement in your everyday life. There is still a lot to work on with user experience, and also a handful of complaints to deal with, yet I think it is fair to say the platform has had an impact on many peoples social experience, myself included. Who knows what the future holds for snapchat but we’re excited.