Appy Monday – Snapchat Update 9.11.1

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Yes, it’s that time of the week, Appy Monday is here and this weeks edition is on the new snapchat update!

Snapchat has grown to be a trending social platform in just a short period of time. The undoubted success of the app is phenomenal, however there have been numerous updates that have had people questioning the social media channel. Remember the ‘Best friends’ feature? Well I am an advocate of Snapchat and the decision to remove that feature on one of their updates definitely caused a detrimental effect within their user base.

When using snapchat, the user would previously have to press and hold on a snap or story to see what they wanted to see. Snapchat has improved this feature by allowing users to tap once to view a snap rather than holding your finger on the screen. Their intentions were to make a user’s experience quick and efficient without the interference of a finger on the screen.

The design is the same as it was prior to the update. In general, Snapchat has a modern look with a good use of colours ranging from, white, yellow, green, blue and red. Buttons are displayed simply and it is very easy to navigate around efficiently.

The user experience on this app has been updated to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Although I do believe it is much easier to view snaps and stories there is an issue. The update changes the way you delete content from your own story. I find it much longer as your have to click on story, click into the actual piece of content you want to delete, and then delete it while viewing. Whereas previously it was a click on the content, followed by a simple click on the ‘x’ to get rid. Small thing like this make the largest of impacts.

The app is very smooth to navigate around but there can sometimes be functionality issues. While viewing stories, the app may sometimes freeze, also when trying to view stories, if you press one of the volume keys, the pp often takes you to the snap camera and takes a picture. Other than small bugs, the app works well.

the new Snapchat update has definitely improved many sectors of the app including UX. Although there are a few issues, e.g. the functionality, the good certainly outway the bad. The app is rapidly growing and I expect it to keep growing for years to come.