Appy Monday – Shazam

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)

There have been many occasions where I hear a song on the radio and wonder “what is this song called”! The worry of never coming across the song again. Frustrating right? Let me take this opportunity to introduce Shazam, Apple and Android’s number 1 music recognition system for smartphones.

The app is pretty easy to use. You simply click the large icon in the middle of the screen, hold your phone towards the music for approximately 10-15 seconds and watch the app quickly recognise the artist and track you are listening to.

Shazam gives users many options after recognising a song including, sharing socially or even downloading the app from itunes/android stores.


Navigation bar hold four options:

Home – which allows you to see the latest news and the main area in which you click to recognise a song.

My Shazam – All the songs you have previously shazamed

Explore – A large map of the UK where you are able to see what people are listening to in different cities.

Trending – What’s trending in different categories such as Shazam, UK Charts and even Global Chart.

Shazam has a very modern look to it with clean icons and smooth animations. Buttons are displayed well although it can seem a little messy with a lot happening on the home screen. As well as a big Shazam button, there is a story/status bar with latest music news following a navigation bar underneath.

Addictive / Reusable
Although Shazam isn’t a game as such, it does have a huge reusability factor about it. It is a helpful tool that everyone will use to find their favourite songs and see what’s trending across the globe.

The app is completely free which attracts many people to download. As this is one of the best music recognition apps, I definitely wouldn’t mind downloading even if it did have a small price tag on it. It is indeed an important tool in my inventory and I’m sure fans of music will agree.

Shazam is a very useful when it comes to quickly identifying music for those unexpected times when you hear a song you recognise but don’t know the name of. It’s definitely the most efficient way of finding unknown music instantly. Although there is a lot happening in the home screen, the overall app is simple with useful features to keep up to date with the world’s latest trends.