Appy Monday – Radar

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)

It certainly comes across a challenge to prioritise contacts you want to be informed about from the rest of your contact list. Social media allows you to broaden your network, however often results in a de-prioritisation of your most important contacts. With Radar, this problem no longer exists. The app allows you to select specific lists of contacts and you’re only informed about the goings on of these specific profiles. Allowing you to not only benefit from the outreach nature of social media but also to keep that all important personal aspect by tailoring the content you receive to only that of your favourite accounts.

The app helps users share files and links between devices so you can share links from your Mac’s clipboard to your mobile device. The latest update focuses on the app’s messaging features by allowing friends to not only share files but also exchange messages in a new conversation view.

The app has a major flaw as it allows you to follow your important contacts via multiple platforms such as Email, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress Blogs, Instagram, youtube, but not Facebook!

In this edition of Appy Monday we review the notification-centric app and discuss why Radar is a must download:

Icons and buttons are displayed simply with a very clean and modern look. The status bar is clean and organised so that the page is easy to read and navigate round.

I use the app all the time as it allows me to keep in touch and stay informed with the people most important to me on multiple platforms. The app is a very useful tool in providing live information.

Personally, the app holds a lot of value and it is a tool thats prioritises my contact list which is essential to keeping myself updated on others. The app is also free, which may attract  much larger audience to download.

The app is a very useful tool and has a very clean and simple display. Very intuitive which allows a smooth UX. Facebook is the worlds biggest social platform which Radar does not include as a platform to follow someone on which may affect a large audience. However the app is free and is compatible with many important platforms.