Appy Monday – Dubsmash

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)

We all love apps that make us laugh, and one of the best examples that has captured the attention of many in recent months is, of course, Dubsmash. Dubsmash is a humorous way to communicate with friends, family and people across the world.

The app provides a deceptively entertaining way of producing selfie videos of yourself miming funny quotes or popular song lyrics, and has gained users at such a rate that it can now be viewed as a social media app in its own right. As well as being a form of communication, it is a way of discovering new trends around the world.

Dubsmash is very simple to use. You find a famous quote/song and add it to your soundboard which acts as your library. You can also split these into preferred categories, an example of how it all works is in the video below:

The colour scheme is mainly based upon two colours: turquoise and white. It has a very modern aesthetic, and everything is organised within categories which allows easy access to all users. There are some unused spaces that may leave the app feeling a little empty, yet the design itself is clean and well structure with a solid colour.

The app is very easy to use across all devices, and a well thought-out navigation system gives users a fluent experience. It has a free scrolling text screen which is easy to use and an efficient way of navigating around the app. There is also a search bar that allows you to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Fun Factor
Dubsmash is a way of socially sharing humorous videos with an array of material. The number of funny quotes and famous voices that are on this app is unbelievable. This is one of the reasons the app receives a lot of attention.

Addictive / Reusability
The app definitely has many reasons for reusability. The humour is non stop as new quotes and songs are released all the time. I do tend to use this app personally, especially when new quotes are added to the selection.

Unfortunately there a couple of obvious long-term worries. Dubsmash can be viewed as a bit of a trend – it is a form of communication, but not yet fully classified as social media. Sadly I can see the app losing its excitement and other trends overwhelming this one.

The app is free to download which is one major factor on why so many people do so. Although one would expect the sheer range and quality of the sounds and quotes on offer to have a price tag, it is a real credit to Dubsmash that this app is entirely free and available for anyone and everyone to enjoy at their leisure.

Dubsmash is a great way of visually communicating with one another. The humour is endless with constant updates and almost every quote you can think of. The app never has performance issues and is very easy to use.

I’ll be very interested to see what Dubsmash do next to keep the app fresh for its growing userbase. What do you think of Dubsmash and it’s future, tweet me at @ThoponChowdhury