Appy Monday – 90min

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


Once again we are reaching the pinnacle point of the Premier League. Now I don’t know about you, but as a lifelong football fan I only need an app and a website to keep me up to date with football news. As time consuming as it may be, it is always worth being updated on the latest news, transfer speculations, naughty divers and crucial injuries.

It would be perfect if you could do all this, with no time consumed at all.

Enter 90min, the app that allows everyone to tune in to their latest team news with constant updates. This could potentially be my favourite app because it gives me all the info I need with no hassle.



The app looks pretty generic. Easy to read, with a clean look. Although it could have added a feature such as colour of background adapting to the team you are viewing, the app is generally crisp with few design flaws. Colour scheme is simple with black, orange and white across the whole app. The text also fade in and out on the edges just for that little extra touch.


I have used this app for a while now and I think its fair to say it’s a very user-friendly experience. It is quick and simple and doesn’t waste any time in getting to different pages, with a smooth motion when scrolling which allows the user to have time to absorb each post.

Fun factor

The app is fun to use for football fans because it gives users updates on latest rumours/gossip on teams across the globe. Links to twitter allow people to share their ideas and interact with each article in many different ways. Although this app mainly provides information, the app does hold some exciting features to it

Addictive / Reusable

This app has no end. This means the app is completely reusable as users will have non stop updates as time goes on. It might not be as addictive as a best-selling game, but die-hard fans will be combing the app all day long.


This app is free! It costs nothing like many of its competitors yet it does hold value to strong football fanatics that can’t live without being with their favourite team every step of the way. However there’s a lot of competition in the sports information market and many people trust and value the more recognisable brands like Sky Sports and BBC Sports.

To conclude this weeks review, I think its fair to say this app is a success and 90min have definitely done a very good job on this design and build. With a clean design, many cool features and constant updates, this app could become essential to all those passionate football fans out there.