3 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is The Only Option For Your SEO Strategy.

chris-authorBy Chris Donnelly (@donnelcs)


If SEO is part of your digital marketing strategy, having a responsive website is becoming a must. We have discussed some of the reasons why Responsive Design is so important in the modern digital landscape in an earlier post, ‘Is Responsive Web Design an option?’. This post will focus specifically upon the SEO benefits of employing responsive design.

1. Endorsed by Google

Google focuses upon optimal user-experience as an important measurement for their rankings and this forms the basis of their endorsement of responsive design. In the world of search, when Google say jump, us marketers ask how high. With 67% of the search market being owned by google in 2013, it’s really worth listening when they tell you how to improve in their rankings. Google state that responsive design is their recommended and endorsed mobile configuration.

Google say this is because responsive web design results in sites that have one URL and the same HTML, regardless of the device which makes it far easier for Google to crawl, recognise and organise the content. Whereas if we think about a separate mobile website which has a different URL and different HTML, then Google has to crawl and index two (or many) separate versions of the same website.

Further to this, Google endorse responsive web design because the content is the same across all devices and a single URL is much easier to share and engage with, as opposed to separate www. and a m. website.


Google openly state that responsive design is their recommended and endorsed mobile configuration.


2. Easy to Manage your SEO Content

A good responsive website allows you to upload your content to one CMS and then it displays it perfectly across all devices. If you had different websites for different devices you would have to upload your content on separate CMS’.

3. Consistent User Experience

One of the most important factors about responsive web design is it provides a great user experience across many devices on the same website URL. One of the most important factors for your SEO ranking is how relevant you are to your customer and how often they click your link for the right information. Therefore if you have one URL as opposed to many URL’s you will see greater dividends as this URL will receive more traffic than if it was split over many.


Responsive web design is endorsed by Google and performs better in rankings, it gives you one central location to upload your content making content management easier, and provides a better user experience for your customers over more devices and as a result helps to increase your rankings.

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